Michael Hanna





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Hi—I’m Michael Hanna! I’m interested in interpreting and evaluating NLP models from a linguist’s and cognitive scientist’s point of view. I’ve just finished my master’s degrees through the EM LCT dual-degree program at the University of Trento and Charles University. Now, I’ve begun a PhD at the ILLC at the University of Amsterdam, supervised by Sandro Pezzelle and Yonatan Belinkov, through ELLIS!


Academic Interests

My main research interest is creating models with human-like abilities. I’m interested in approaching this goal by using linguistically-motivated interpretability and analysis methods to ask “How close are models’ abilities to those of humans?”. I’m also interested in grounded NLP, especially when that grounding goes beyond vision, to include additional modalities and embodiment. I’m excited about using ideas from linguistics and cognitive science to improve deep learning models and training regimes.

Personal Interests

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